2020.02.12 - Resting isn't giving up

anna winterBaby Goat here, Step-ping in for the midweek run-mail!

For one of the first times in my running career my training has been going exactly as planned. Meeting all of my own expectations and actually completing my miles has given me such a surge of energy in my day-to-day life and a newfound sense of self confidence. Unfortunately, like most hot streaks, mine has come to a temporary "end." Over the last week plantar fascitis snuck in to test my patience and my spirit. I am dying to push through this setback and overdo it to keep the hot streak and my inflated confidence alive. I have to remind myself that this (probably much-needed) rest isn't me giving up on the streak, it's just REST. It definitely wont kill me and in the long run may not even affect my training. Listening to my body and backing off now will ward off any detrimental injury and allow me to come back refreshed when I've healed up!

Anna Przybylski, an admittedly not quite as obsessed runner who is headed out for a short walk, not because I'm giving up... but because I'M RESTING!

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