Head Goat

This pathetically optimistic dreamer, obsessed runner and direct decedent of P.T. Barnum is like all C.E.O.s, he has no qualification to do anything except surround himself with a smart, fun, hardworking crew who pull off the impossible so he can come out smelling like a rose!

a.k.a. Randy

Canadian Chick (CC)

When Dawn showed up to volunteer at one of our early events, we were impressed with her amazing intelligence and scholarly background but when she quit her very professional, high paying position to join the circus, we questioned our first impressions. After defecting from Canada, while CC has made a smooth transition into the U.S., she does continue to mix the Canadian and English words in her speech but she no longer plays much hockey or drinks beer at her desk. CC invented Excel pivot tables and can spot typos even spell check misses! Seriously, Dawn is a smart, detail-oriented task master that allows Waffle Mondays to put on incredible, sometimes, seemingly impossible, events that continue to shock and amaze the fitness community.

a.k.a. Dawn


Like all engineers, no nick names seem appropriate for Joanna, this calm and collected woman who attempts to add a touch of seriousness to our Circus. Heck, someone needs to be able to make sense of insurance policies, bureaucratic red tape and to answer stupid questions without a single smartass remark!

a.k.a. Joanna

Baby Goat

Because of Anna, our shirt art, medals, posters, awards, post cards and emails are simply the best in the industry. Anna takes the essence of each event and creates works of art that capture it and shares it with the world, giving you beautiful bragging rights! Her artistic and creative gifts also play an integral part in the planning and execution of every aspect of our nonsense, she was born an event planner, in fact, she planned her own first birthday party!

a.k.a. Anna

Iron Mandy

Mandy responded to our ad, “Run away and join the Circus!” To demonstrate her talents, she showed up with a dozen or so plastic cups and immediately set to work stacking and unstacking them, it was a blur of creativity and dexterity, she was added to the crew on the spot! Mandy came to us after a career as an elementary school teacher, we determined her background might come in handy when dealing with the mindset of the average runner on race morning; at the least we were sure she could set up the cups at the aid stations quickly! The fact that Mandy has an uncle that makes Scrumpy Hard Cider hardly influenced our decision. Mandy has been instrumental in making the Martian Kids marathon the premier youth running event in the state with over 2,000 Kids annually. It was Mandy who came up with the idea to dress up over a thousand runners as the statue of Liberty and bring us Guinness World Record Fame; she was also instrumental bringing the word skedaddle back into vogue and putting the Thirsty 3 on the map!

a.k.a. Mandy

Gary Bear

Quite the nickname for the strongest and toughest man in the world. A guy who can single handedly set up an event site, run 100 miles, get married at the finish line, then pack it all up and do it again the next week … all but the getting married part! Don’t get in his way and don’t put crap in the wrong place!

a.k.a. Gary, Lord Van Der Veen

Swamp Dog

While floating above the astral plane, this old hippie, in an enlighted state, invented the computer and the first operating system, just in time to take full use of Al Gore's invention of the internet. Ted continues use his I.T. skills to measure and map our event courses and fight off the hackers and fakes who attempt to disrupt and copy ideas from Waffle Monday’s impressive web presence. With a dozen Garmins duct taped to his body, Ted heads down the road and into the swamps and jungles to make sure each of our event courses are exactly accurate … or there abouts.

a.k.a Ted



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