randy holiday5kAs far as daylight hours, the next couple weeks will be the hardest to deal with, giving us about 8 measly hours of light. The winter solstice starts on the 21st but the reality is the sun kind of stalls for a couple weeks on either side of solstice before we inch into the longer days. Even as an obsessed runner I believe the short days give us absolution for short runs! In two months, say Feb 12th, we'll have about an hour and a half more light than today, 20% more light, deserving of a 20% increase in weekly mileage, I'll up that another 25% by March 12th as the sun starts to do its job! More new math BS? Perhaps, but an excuse for a plan none the less!
Run short, sweet and perhaps in the dark, but get out there and run!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who just looked into why the daily average temperature drops after the shortest day of the year, the start of winter, something that seemed to make no sense to me. It seems the earth's thermal mass takes a while to cool down after summer. I'll be darned ... And cold.

PS: Time to sit down with the 2019 RF Events calendar and plan your year! We've got distances from 1 Mile to 100 miles and there are so many amazing venues and trails to be visited! Check it out HERE, start making your list... and checking it twice!

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