randy holiday5kThe big holiday guns are firing with full force: work parties, family gatherings, shopping that needs to get done, decorating to do and the last minute invitations to lunch and dinner coming in like drone attacks! It's time to dig into our arsenal of secret weapons. Break out the headlamps, reflective vest, flashlight and once the last person in the house is asleep, flee into the night and use up one of those 3 mile runs ... the shower may sound suspicious, shhhhhh. Have your running gear at hand at all times and keep an eye out for the opportunity to escape at a moment's notice! At the next holiday gathering, you'll  know you have won the war when we see that you are the one who is relaxed, refreshed, smiling and patient in the frantic, party crowd, showing no wounds. And they will wonder how you did it... Ha!

Run, party and smile,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is OK with seeing a lot of single digit mile runs this month!

PS: HO, HO, GO! Naughty or nice, walker or runner, come breathe in the December night air, burn a few holiday calories and give back to others! The Holiday Hustle on December 8, 2018 is a festive dash around Dexter that will get you in the holiday spirit. Knit beanies to all entrants and medals to all finishers. REGISTER NOW!

PS: 2019 is near! Get a jump on planning your running year by checking out the RF Events 2019 Calendar! Open events include: Bigfoot Snowshoe Race - Traverse City, MI - January 26, Super 5K - Novi, MI - February 3, Shamrocks & Shenanigans - Ann Arbor, MI - March 10 Martian Invasion of Races - Dearborn, MI - April 13, and Run Woodstock - Pinckney, MI - September 6, 7 & 8... and keep those eyes peeled for more races opening soon!

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