randy bridgesI strained my calf in a trail race a month ago, keeping me away from the daily run until these past few days. Luckily, I could bike and swim and my diversified fitness portfolio lessened the pain of the time away from my true love. I inched my way back and now can run 4 miles with no sign of injury. Amen. My run this morning brought on flashbacks to the time I started putting in miles and the passion ran high. A feeling that was a reminder to me that I may have been taking the daily run and my fitness level for granted. Injury is a harsh reminder of how precious the run is and that we need to run smart and within ourselves, somewhere just inside that crumbling edge.

Run hard but respect the gift,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed and happy runner.

PS: Join me August 4, 2018 for 5, 10 or 13.1 Miles of grass covered trails, hardwood forest, prairie grassland and lake views at The Legend in Laingsburg, MI. Custom technical shirts to all entrants and woodallions to all finishers. Register now!

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