anna bday runBaby goat here, jumping in to spout some midweek motivation.

As runners we are blessed with the ability to practice our sport just about anywhere. There are a million excuses out there, but one I'll rarely accept is "I can't get the run in HERE." Tomorrow I have an early flight and a busy day, and I've already planned to get my daily miles in at the airport while I wait to board. Last weekend at work I couldn't leave the area for a while but you better believe I did laps around the parking lot! Deathly afraid of deer flies and afraid to run on the dirt road like I am? Try running laps around your yard or pace the driveway! You can get the miles in ANYWHERE so leave this excuse at the door and get out there... wherever!

Baby Goat, an admittedly not quite as obsessed runner... who rarely uses WHERE as an excuse.

PS - Have you been keeping up with the scoop on the Dances With Dirt Hell Relay in September. Grab 4 friends and enter a 5 person team HERE. I promise you a day of full color, fully alive running in the natural world, a day you will cherish in your memories forever. Yes, you will get your butt kicked running 3 legs of about 4 miles each through pure Hell brought to you by Mother Nature and you will wake the next day licking your wounds with a permanent smile and a feeling of loss, wishing every day could be like DWD day.

PS: Set your SOLE free at Run Woodstock, 3 days of PEACE, MUSIC & TRAIL RUNNING on September 7, 8 & 9, 2018 in Pinckney, MI! If you're planning to run LOOONGGG this September the 100 Mile and 100K races are 90% full so hop off that tie dyed fence! Don't worry, we wont make you go 100... There's a distance and activity for everyone: live music, fun runs, hikes, yoga, tie-dye and more included with your paid race entry or weekend pass.

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