randy bridges

When we are upping our weekly mileage, which happens a lot this time of year, it's hard to not get excited to move the fitness level up a notch, doing too much, too soon. We are flirting with the edge whenever we move up the miles from a base amount our body has adapted to. So, when you are feeling like a running god and your body seems to be able to handle all you are throwing at it. It's time to take the day off or put in an easy run, dang.

A day off can save you a month off,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who hates being mortal.

PS - Join me for the Obsessed Runner Live podcast, or at least watch them sometime! The next episode will be live next Tuesday, June 12 at 3PM. One of my favorite topics: "keeping a diverse fitness portfolio." It's only my 3rd episode... and I promise to get better at it! Check out 1 & 2 here!

PS - Give back to the running community! We have some amazing upcoming volunteer opportunities. Throw on a pair of shades and join us at the Liberty Festival 5K and 10K on June 16th, get your ROAR ready and hop on the volunteerasaurus crew for the T-Rex Tri Series all summer long, or become a member of the BREW CREW at the Oberun 5K on July 20th!

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