randy freepNot all days are created equal. Often, days slip by and are forgotten. Then, there are those pearls, days etched into our memory for us to savor for a lifetime. Event days can often fit this bill, perhaps adding to our meaning of life. For those of you running the Martian Invasion of Races this weekend, or Boston on Monday, based on the weather forecast, it won't be a boring day that is soon forgotten. Crossing a finish line in adverse conditions can be powerful and at the very least memorable! When we race, we plan, we train, we make goals. On race day we live life in full color: we find out who we are and who we might be. These are days of self-discovery, valuable days indeed.

Savor every minute, especially when the clock is running,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who will be there to cheer you on at Martian and to be motivated by your heroic fight. Live it up!

P.S. - BEER! Do I have your attention? Join us on Friday night, May 11, 2018 in Detroit, MI for the Hightail to Ale 5K, a keg party with a 5K warmup! What better way to celebrate being a running warrior all winter than with a PARTY... and BEER!

P.S. - WINE! Are you sensing a theme here? Join us as we hit the rolling back roads in Jackson, MI on August 18, 2018 for Running Between the Vines. This high class 5K, 5 Mile and Half Marathon will take you to a finish in the vineyards that includes, music, cheese and chocolate paired perfectly with... WINE!

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