randy freepI was reminded again what a wonderful adventure it is to find a new trail or historic neighborhood to run in when our Martian Invasion of Races team met last night in Dearborn. I arrived with time to get in an hour of running and found my way on the trails behind the Fair Lane Manor, the home of Henry Ford and Clara from 1915 until their deaths in 1947 and 1950. As I ran around stone gazebos, gardens and ponds on the sprawling estate, I imagined the Fords walking these same paths behind their new home, perhaps a hundred years ago to the day, on a similarly cold, bright spring afternoon.

Never stop exploring on the run. Great finds will keep getting us out the door!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner looking over a satellite map of Dearborn to see just where the heck I ran.

P.S. - Speaking of great finds, join me for the Martian Invasion of Races on April 14, 2018 to explore the streets and neighborhoods of Dearborn, MI! Try 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, 26K, Full Marathon or Kids' Marathon!

P.S. - BEAT THE PRICE INCREASE! Join us as we hit the rolling back roads in Jackson, MI on August 18, 2018 for Running Between the Vines. This high class 5K, 5 Mile and Half Marathon will take you to a finish in the vineyards that includes, music, cheese and chocolate paired perfectly with... WINE! Prices go up at 11:59PM on March 31st, REGISTER NOW!

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