randy freepThere are only a couple more weeks of off season running then... No more mister nice guy! In January we make our spring race plans, in February, we ramp up the mileage and jiggle off the winter pounds. Your homework is to write a training schedule; it will be your coach. The schedule will always be there telling you when you miss a day! Find a schedule that you believe in and use it as a base. Tweak it to your real life schedule and mileage and it will be a key part of your get out the door arsenal.

Did you do your homework? Did you run today?

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner with his spreadsheet open and calendar in hand.

PS: Need a little help on your training plan? The Martian Invasion of Races is back in Dearborn, MI on April 14, 2018. We've got distances (AND TRAINING PLANS) for everyone! Try 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, 26K or Full Marathon! This fast course race with SWEET SWAG is an awesome spring goal races.

PS: Need a summer goal? Running Between the Vines is host to Michigan's most beautiful Half Marathon! Join us for 5K, 5 Mile (or both!) or the Half Marathon in Jackson, MI on August 18, 2018. Don't miss the great wine, good times and beautiful vines. We've got training plans for all distances and we promise YOU CAN DO THIS!

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