2019-06-06 - Listen to your body

anna bday runBaby Goat here!

If you've followed along with me at all... You know I was STRUGGLING to get my butt out the door after our never ending winter. So now I've got good news, and I've got realistic news. The good news is... the better weather and longer days really did put a SPRING in my step. I've been getting in my miles, getting the ol' tush out the door, and the running fire is re-lit! The realistic news? When things are going good its easy to go overboard! I put in a hard effort long run on Sunday, and followed it up with two more hard efforts. Do you know where this story is headed? Me too. Yesterday I woke up (on Global Running day no less!) and my body wasn't just telling me I needed the day off, it was screaming. Instead of pushing through it and getting out there so I didn't ruin my streak, I took the much needed day off. Listen to your body, it knows you best! The rest and recovery days are just as important as the hard efforts!

Baby Goat, an admittedly (not quite as) obsessed runner happy I took the break so I can get back out there today.

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2019-05-29 - Today's run may be it!

randy bridgesIt's amazing how different we can feel both physically and mentally at different times during the same run. We live for the magic runs that are effortless from the first step to the last, leaving us fired up for the next time out. That said, more often we start out dragging, breathing hard, feeling heavy and tired. Usually it takes a couple miles for the body to groove in so no matter how bad it starts we can be patient...Miserable, but patient. We are rewarded as our heart rate drops and our steps become light ... But not always. We may head out rested and ready to get in a good solid effort, and for no reason our bodies head south. We may battle the demons for a while only to end up in a walk. We may try and the body will have none of it. We struggle home, hoping for a change in biorhythms or whatever, they may not come. Tomorrow will rock.

So much for motivation, eh?

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is here to remind you to get out the door, this may be your day, don't miss it!

P.S.: June is just around the corner and you have so many opportunities to hang with the RF gang!

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