2017-01-25 - Run alone and connected

freep2I use the free version of the Strava running App on my phone and I must admit, it helps motivate me out the door. Today's apps are not only a way to log miles and track totals but a way to interact with other runners. You can follow others and be followed, and there is the chance of getting kudos, even for my short, slow runs or walks, much like getting likes on social media! OK, exactly like it. You can use these apps on many of the GPS watches, but I like the security of running with my phone. (I do keep the ringer off to run in peace.) On almost every run I encounter something beautiful or interesting enough to snap a photo of to add to my post/log. When my day gets long or stressful, these images can plug me back into an energized moment from my run and clear the funk. And yes, by having the phone you may be the first to come upon an accident scene, dial 911, and save a life.

Run fully connected and peacefully alone,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner with an app on my phone to prove it.

PS: Want to train for the Martian Invasion of Races Half Marathon on April 22, 2017 in Dearborn, MI? There's still time! Join us for a spring half marathon training program starting this Saturday, January 28th. Check it out here!

PS: If you haven't taken a spin on the Potawatomi Trail in Pinckney, MI we highly suggest you do... on April 29th and 30th for the 31st Annual Trail Marathon Weekend! Road Ends 5 Mile, Trail Half and Full Marathon and 50K! You're in for a trail treat with this one! trailmarathon.com

Blue Wednesday running cures

randy freepMy cure for this blue Wednesday is going over our schedule of fun events and planning the year out. Starting with Feb 5th, the Super 5K before the big game where we earn our spot on the couch when we show off our medals and put our finisher's pint glass to use. After this fun run, it's time to train a bit more serious to be ready for the Martian Invasion of Races on April 22nd, from 5K to the Full Marathon, commit now, follow one of these training schedules, and you can do this! Celebrate your Martian success with a party race like Hightail to Ale 5K, a fun, fit night in the "D" on Cinco De Mayo. Perhaps make 2017 your year to stick your foot in the water and enter one of the June, July or August T-Rex Sprint Triathlon Series races, yikes! All this planning fire will drive off the blues and motivate us out the door to prepare for the fun.
Sign up, say yikes, then get out today and put in some training miles,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, excited for the 2017 events and ready to ramp the miles back up .... Next month.

PS: Resolve to GIVE BACK in the New Year! We have a great schedule of races coming up, be the first to hear about volunteering here!

PS: If you haven't taken a spin on the Potawatomi Trail in Pinckney, MI we highly suggest you do... on April 29th and 30th for the 31st Annual Trail Marathon Weekend! Road Ends 5 Mile, Trail Half and Full Marathon and 50K! You're in for a trail treat with this one! trailmarathon.com

2017-01-11 - Happy belated New Year

randy freepJust because the New Year has started and your resolutions have not, don't let your head trick you into the idea that because you missed making some positive changes to your life by a few days that it's too late to do so! Every day of the year is a good day to set goals and commit to positive changes and if you falter along the way, every day is a good day to start over and re-commit yourself! Nothing good comes easy, never ever give up hope; the rewards along the way will be worth all the effort.

Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your running life,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who believes that New Years resolutions can lead us to be better at running ... and everything else in life. That said, I still need to get mine started ... I will today!

PS: Resolve to GIVE BACK in the New Year! We are looking for volunteers for the Super 5K on February 5th in Novi, MI! Volunteers receive awesome swag and a $30 voucher toward a future RF Events' event! HUT, HUT, Check it out!

PS: Do something daring in 2017! Hit the road with RF Events and join us in Nashville, Indiana on May 14th for the adventure of a lifetime! The terrain of Brown County, Indiana will bring you shock and awe! A distance for everybody! Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 50K, 50M and the world's most difficult 10K! Check it out!

2017-01-04 - Run... or jump out of a plane

randy freepLife can be tough, even when things seem to be going well. Post-holiday depression is a real thing but just the stress from day to day life can lead to midlife crisis or at least put our mood into a funky dark hole. Yikes! What's the answer? I don't know for sure but I'd bet something as simple as a bucket list can make a difference. What to put in there? My vote is for a half marathon, marathon, triathlon, ultra-marathon, whichever seems the least impossible to do (What did you expect?) Worst case scenario, you will get a clean T-shirt to wear after you finish each of them! Where to start? Go to rfevents.com/calendar and load up your bucket, if not, maybe you could buy a Harley, learn to pole dance or jump out of a plane!

Get out for a head clearing run,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is planning to run away from my problems!

PS: CHEERS! The Thirsty 3 is back in 2017 and better than ever! This not-so-serious running and drinking series will take you on a tour to 3 of Michigan's finest locally made beer, wine and hard cider properties. Learn more HERE!

PS: Join us at one or all three of our SERIOUS SERIES races for some awesome trail running. Head to Pinckney, MI on April 29th and 30th for Trail Weekend 5 Mile, 13.1M, 26.2M and 50K! Make your way to Novi, MI on June 3rd for Flirt With Dirt, a fun 5K and 10K. Round it all out in Laingsburg, MI on August 5th at The Legend 5M, 10M and 13.1M... Enter if you dare!

2016-12-29 - A time for totals

randy freepAs we log the final miles of the running year, I'm reminded of the tremendous motivational value of keeping a log. (plenty of phone apps out there to help with this, I'm a fan of the free version of Strava). For some of us, our best race times are in the past but streaks and total mileage personal records are always out there. Totals, like the most mileage ran in a day, a week, a year. Streaks, like the most days ran in a row or some other motivational streak like number of weeks in a row that you ran at least 3 days. I'm sure many of you are looking at the year's totals and are getting out the door trying to hit a number with value to YOU. 500 miles, 1,000 miles, whatever, 200 days of running for the year ... If you don't keep a log, may I suggest you add it to your resolutions?

Every run counts, especially if you count them,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, with a pile of running logs from over the years to prove it ... some years better than others but always excited to plan for the next!

PS:Resolve to TRI in the new year! Everybody's favorite jurassic Summer Triathlon Series is back, hit the beach with us all summer long:Triceratops Tri - June 21, Pterodactyl Tri - July 19, and T-Rex Tri August 23!

PS: Hit the trails... and the road with us in 2017! Registration for all 3 Dances With Dirt races is now open! Gnaw Bone, IN - May 13, Devil's Lake, WI - July 8, HELL, MI - September 23

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